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It is now estimated that 40% of the UK’s freelance population are in design & media. And with many agencies taking on one-off projects it works in everyone’s favour to have a workforce that works well. So why are we not talking about what freelancers want from a work place and vice versa?

I founded The Freelance Circle in 2017 with the mission to improve business on both sides when it comes to freelance. Not just because it makes life easier, but because it makes business sense. The F/C gives freelancers and agencies the chance to anonymously share their experience and get a heads up on each other.

Knowing what freelancers think of your agency helps you do more of the good stuff, or improve on the bits that aren't quite right so you can attract the best freelancers in town. It's also acts as a great hub for freelancers to go to for trusted advice on what agencies are treating freelancers well, and what agencies, well, aren't.

My mission is to be the number 1  freelance knowledge hub in the advertising, marketing and design world.

Head to check it out and if you're a freelancer leave an anon review!


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